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Wednesday, 29 October 2014

Hargassner ECO-HK 60kW Boiler Install in Lisburn - Wood Chip Drying Facility

First in Ireland

A new Hargassner wood chip boiler installed to heat a farm house, outbuildings and wood chip drying facility in Lisburn, Northern Ireland. 

Installers Green Energy Technology were very impressed with the design and specifications of the ECO-HK. 

The boiler won the Austrian Energie Genie Innovation Award as a high quality product that is capable of providing cleaner, more efficient heat, than competitor boilers.

This is the first Hargassner ECO-HK in Ireland and Northern Ireland.

 The Hargassner ECO-HK is an extremely powerful, highly efficient boiler featuring a new energy saving eco-mode, a double rotary grate and the latest combustion technology, Eco-Control.

(ft.Above, The new Boiler fitted and working)

  1. New grate system - Double rotary grate
  2. Fire bed level monitoring
  3. Heat exchanger cleaning (also in 1. draught)
  4. Ash suction system for extended maintenance intervals, optionally
  5. New innovative ignition system: Just 300 W, without fan
  6. Integrated Touch control
  7. Bicameral rotary valve in Z-design
  8. EC-Exhaust fan with negative pressure monitoring
  9. Recirculation for agricultural fuels, optionally
  10. Integrated back end protection
  11. ECO - Room agitator system with just 0.18 kW (0.25 kW) motor
  12. Patented ash extraction system for fly- and grate ash
  13. No thermal discharge system necessary
  14. Emergency operation with wood logs possible
  15. Combustion chamber fully integrated in water
  16. Flame concentration jets for optimum post-combustion
Other Features

Energy-Saving: Speed controlled EC-exhaust fan with negative pressure monitoring a staple of the new ECO systems is that they force the entire system to consistently monitor what's going inside and outside of the boiler, to ensure that the perfect conditions are met, which means that they are highly efficient, indeed, coming with a significantly higher efficiency rate of up to 90%. Due to the systems programming it will always try and maintain this high standard and you can expect it to do so for as long as it is running.

Double Rotary Grate: The grate consists of two consecutive and stepped placed grates that are able to move independently depending on what exactly you'll be putting into the boiler to burn, be it wood pellets, wood chips or miscanthus. 

Lambda Sensor with Fuel Quality Detection: With this feature it doesn't matter what type of fuel is stored nor their state, for instance if you placed wood chips into the boiler that were damp and hard the lambda sensor will be able to detect that and regulate itself for maximum calorific value and the optimum fuel-air mixture. This will be done automatically without any need for manual input. 

Combustion-Ergonomics: The design of the combustion chamber has been scientifically investigated through simulation (computational fluid dynamics) and as a result is perfectly adapted.

Firebed Monitoring: Through the exact and contactless firebed-height monitoring system with sensors, the most effective combustion condition will be adjusted depending on what fuel quality is being detected, this means that the system will automatically ensure that it is working with the correct amount of heat output for optimum combustion values.


Integrated Back End Protection: Fast and easy assembly that is both compact and inexpensive to ensure that if anything does ever go wrong, you're protected and it will also limit the damage. 

Recirculation for Agricultural Fuels: In order to remove the clinker creation within the system, that might adversely affect your auger and delivery system, Hargassner offers this accessory. Due to the cooling of the firebed during combustion, the relatively low melting ash melting point of miscanthus can be undercut. The ash can easily be removed into the ash extraction auger.

The Smart Way

Lean back and enjoy!:
Hargassner’s Lambda Touch Tronic is characterized through a self-explanatory display and ultimate ease of operation.The whole heating system, starting with the combustion to the accumulator tanks, heating circuits and hot water tanks, is controlled. The system operates based on outside weather conditions and is therefore able to perform in the optimum heating output range. This saves energy and heating fuel!
(ft. Above, the new on screen eco-control smart technology)

Thursday, 9 October 2014

99kW Hargassner ECO-PK

Introducing the new 99kW Hargassner ECO-PK

New to the UK and Ireland in November 2014

Designed with efficiency and ease of use in mind, the 99kW Hargassner ECO-PK includes the latest biomass boiler technology available - the Hargassner ECO range of boilers won the 'Energy Genius' award from the Austrian Ministry of the Environment. Platzhalter-Grafik

If you are installing a 99kW in Northern Ireland, to avail of the government Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI), make sure you install a system that will last. The 20 year RHI is linked to the boiler itself - protect your payments and install a Hargassner.

Available across Ireland from Green Energy Technology Ltd. this cutting edge wood pellet boiler (and its wood chip version ECO-HK) has a substantial amount of unique, patented features. We estimate that these features, over the lifetime of the Renewable Heat Incentive, could save the owner over £4,000 in electrical running costs alone - compared to Hargassner competitors.

Schnittbild ECO PK

Double Rotary Grate (1)
The 'stage crusher grate' is the best method for cleaning the burning grate without disruption to combustion. During the combustion the grates are moved accurately, to ensure a homogeneous fire-bed. This double rotary grate is unique to Hargassner.

Firebed height monitoring system with sensors    (2)
Combined with a lambda sensor for fuel quality detection, resulting in the lowest carbon monoxide values, and lowest dust emissions. Hargassner boilers are UK Clean Air Act Exempt. Only Hargassner offer firebed level monitoring as standard.

Heat exchanger cleaning in the first pass   (3)
The Hargassner cleaning system cleans all areas where soot and fly ash can built up - even in the first pass (unlike the majority of competitor boilers). This mechanism creates a more efficient heat exchanger as the boiler is cleaner, and the gas flow is slower.

External soot collection   (4)
Option to add a large soot collector and increase emptying intervals

The silent energy saving ignition (5) only requires 300W, unlike other boiler ignitions which require over 1.3kW. 

Integrated touch controller    (6)
The 5.7” screen with touch controller allows the user to easily see the boiler status, and change settings. 

The EC exhaust gas fan (7) has up to 90% efficiency and is only available from Hargassner. Read more about the EC fan here: EC Exhaust Gas Fan

Flue gas re-circulation as standard    (8)
This helps control combustion temperatures and reduce NOx formation. It reduces the temperature of the grate to help prevent the formation of slag, and give a more even distribution of the fires heat. A cleaner and more complete combustion.

Integrated back-end protection   (9)
The pump, mixing valve and actuator needed to protect the boiler now comes integrated. This compact solution reduces the space required and speeds up installation time.

Patented ash and fly ash removal system   (10)
The ash extracting auger transports the fly ash and also the grate ash into the ash box. On the way to the ash box all the ash is compacted to a quarter of its volume - thereby saving space and lengthening emptying intervals.

No thermal safety valve required  (11) 
Speeding up installation time and cost

Combustion chamber surrounded by water  (12)
Maximum heat transfer and boiler control

Flame concentration jets out of high-end steel cast section   (13)

Double rotary valve dispenser (18) with cyclone suction system (14)
The unique double rotary valve allows continuous combustion even during pellet suction. The double valve provides a complete air lock between the combustion chamber and pellet hopper. The sound proofed suction system (15) with pellet level indicator (16) allows the end-user to place their wood pellet store up to 20 metres away. The suction system is closed and maintenance free (no filters).

Stainless steel stoker auger   (17)

One motor for everything
Boiler cleaning, fly ash transport, grate ash removal and ash transport to ash box is all handled by one drive motor. This is a single maintenance-free gear motor. This not only reduces the number of electrical components and increases operating reliability; it also saves on electrical consumption.

Hargassner App
Hargassner is the only manufacturer in this boiler class to have a dedicated and fully functioning iPhone and Android app to allow remote access. Other manufacturers produce apps that simply direct the user to a website. 

·         Switch circuits on/off and reduce temperature
·         Change heating times
·         Activate holiday mode
·         Status updates via notifications or email
·         Unlimited users
·         Worldwide access to heating system
·         Easy and intuitive

Fully refractory-lined combustion chamber
Hargassner boilers are fully refractory lined with high density bricks. Refractory has proven itself as the best material available in terms of heat storage, function and durability. The result is, even at partial loads, optimal combustion and fewer ignitions.

Negative pressure sensor to monitor under/over pressure events
Boilers without negative pressure monitoring cannot detect blockages in the heat exchanger. In addition, exhaust gas and combustion air fans do not speed up nor slow down in relation to the pressure inside the boiler - making other boilers less efficient. 

Standard warranty of 5 years, option to extend up to 10 years

Hargassner Video:

For futher information contact : Green Energy Technology Ltd

Hargassner Biomass Boilers 30 Year Anniversary

Wednesday, 1 October 2014

NI Domestic Renewable Heating Incentive - For people considering or intending to apply

Advance Information

The Domestic RHI is not yet open however it will be launched by the end of the year. The NI Renewable Heat Incentive is a government financial incentive, you'll receive an initial upfront payment and then payments every 12 months for 7 years. This scheme is designed primarily with single homes in mind however anyone can benefit from the RHI payments for their home, all you'll require is an EPC or Energy Performance Certificate and this proves that your property is assessed as a domestic dwelling. You'll need this in order to apply for the NIRHI.

If the above doesn't apply for you, you'll need to take a look at non-domestic RHI. It's for renewable incentives designed around Industrial, Commercial or Public Premises. It also covers heating systems that heat more than one home, such as two houses or a block of flats.

Eligible Heating Systems

The eligible renewable heating system types for the Domestic RHI are:

  • Biomass Boilers*
  • Air Source Heat Pumps
  • Ground Source Heat Pumps
  • Solar Thermal Panels - Flat Plate or Evacuated Tube Only
*Biomass Boilers does include Biomass Stoves that are equipped with a boiler to provide heating through a wet radiator system. Initially this will include all types as accredited under MCS but the Stoves that do not use wood pellets will be under close review. Your system must be metered if you have a boiler or stove and also another system, like an oil boiler.

Check your product

It's not enough to just have one of the types of renewable heating systems that are eligible for the scheme. The make and model must also meet specific technical requirements, check your specific product is in the Product eligibility list. If it's not you need to contact your installer to discuss the next steps.

Northern Ireland Domestic RHI and Energy Efficiency

Because Renewable Heating Systems work best in a well insulated home, the Northern Ireland Domestic RHI wishes to encourage people to make their homes more energy efficient, Before applying to the Domestic RHI you must first:

  • Install loft and cavity wall insulation to current recommended standards. If it is not possible to do this, then you should submit evidence to us as part of your application. 
  • Get an updated EPC to verify your insulation and your renewable heat installation.
If you intend to apply

  • You must be the owner of an eligible heating system.
  • The property must be occupied as a dwelling.
  • Your renewable heating system must be MCS certified.
  • No part of the renewable heating system used to produce heat may be used before the first commissioning date. The date is on your MCS Certificate. Some parts may be exempt.
  • The heating system must have been first commissioned on or after 1st September 2010. The date is on your MCS certificate.
  • You must apply within 12 months of the commissioning date of the heating system, shown on the MCS certificate. The deadline is different if you installed your heating system before the scheme opened. You must apply within the first year, i.e. before 30 November 2015.
  • If you received RHPP (Renewable Heat Premium Payment), DetiNI will make contact with you, so you will not have to do anything.
  • If you received a public grant other than the RHPP you will not be eligible for the NIRHI.
  • To be eligible, you or the former owner must also have made a personal financial contribution to the purchase or installation costs.
Supplying Proof

Your installer will register your renewable heating system and give you the MCS Certificate, to apply you complete an application form found on NI Direct Energy Wise web page you will also need an MCS Installations Certificate and an EPC number. This is at the top of your certificate and is a 20 digit code e.g. 1234-5678-9101-1121-314. Ensure that your EPC includes an estimated Potential Energy Use including figures for heating, hot water and lighting.

Payment Information

For most, payments made on an estimation of your heating system's annual heat use. For Biomass and Heat Pump systems DetiNI take the heat load figure on the EPC. For Solar Thermal, DetiNI use a figure calculated from information on your MCS certificate. Some people will have to install meters and submit regular readings on which payments will be based. This includes, but is not limited to, those with a back-up heating system such as an oil boiler, and those with a property which is a second home.

The domestic RHI payments have two sections, one is an upfront payment to help with the costs on accreditation and an ongoing incentive in the form of annual payment for seven years. The upfront payment is dependant on what technology you're using and the ongoing payment is dependant on how much Energy you use in your home.

The upfront payments are as follows:
  • Biomass - £2500
  • Air Source Heat Pumps - £1700
  • Ground Source Heat Pumps - £3500
  • Solar Thermal -  £320
If you've already received support for under the RHPP you will receive the ongoing payment only. The ongoing payments are calculated by multiplying a tariff with the heat demand/use in your home. The current tariff rates (p/kWh) are as follows;
  • Biomass:                                 5.6 p/kWh
  • Air Source Heat Pump:         3.5 p/kWh
  • Ground Source Heat Pump: 8.2 p/kWh
  • Solar Thermal:                       13.5 p/kWh
Your Responsibilities

A condition of you joining the scheme is that you will abide by the scheme's rules. They include, but are not limited to:
  • Keeping the heating system and metering equipment in good working order
  • Telling DetiNI of the equipment breaks down and isn't working whilst waiting on repairs.
  • Telling DetiNI if you sell your house (with the heating system in it), in which case payments to you will stop and switch to the new owner, should they apply to the scheme and fill certain conditions.
  • Telling DetiNI if you make any changes to your heating system, for example, if you replace a part of it.
  • Telling DetiNI if there are changes that mean your property needs to be metered, for example if you purchase a second home.
  • Telling DetiNI if there is any change in circumstances, that may affect your eligibility to receive payments.
Audit Checks

To continue to receive payments, you'll have to complete an annual declaration confirming that you've kept to the rules. To help protect the public purse, DetiNI carry out a system of desk and site audits to verify that declarations are accurate. They're randomly chosen, so anyone may be selected at any time.

If you've received RHPP in the past when your boiler was installed then you will not be eligible for the subsidized up-front payment the RHPP was a one-off payment to help with covering some of the cost of the boiler. You will still be eligible for the seven year annual payment plan.

For all enquiries regarding NIRHI, call - 02890529219 or Email:
For more information regarding NIRHI please see the following:

Wednesday, 24 September 2014

We're proud to say that we're fully trained members of the Wood Energy National Registered Installer Network and the only Accredited Hargassner sellers and installers in Northern Ireland.

What this means for you:

  • Local supply and high levels of personal service, backed by a national brand.
  • The latest biomass boiler technology to meet your needs.
  • Unrivalled service from design to installation.
  • Technical Support from one of the most experienced biomass boiler specialists in the UK market.
  • Advice and help to access the benefits of the Renewable Heat Incentive.
  • Reduced heating costs and carbon emissions.
  • Lifetime maintenance packages available.

Why Biomass?

Biomass heating systems help to reduce the dependency on fossil fuels, save money on energy bills and cut carbon emissions. They provide a highly sustainable heating solution from individual homes right up to large scale industrial or public, and can be easily be installed in new projects or retro-fitted. They offer a very cost effective alternative to oil for buildings that are off-grid.

What are the benefits?

Biomass Boilers are one of the technologies that are eligible for payments under the Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI for short). This means that not only will you reduce your environmental impact, it will also be a good way in which to save money. It is also possible to generate income. Phone in to us to find out more details about the ways to do so.

The RHI is tied in to whichever boiler is installed, so it is important to choose one that is both reliable and efficient. As Wood Energy accredited installers we can advise on the most suitable product for your needs and provide the ongoing support that will bring you the best return on your investment.

Friday, 19 September 2014

Hargassner Boiler Technology

Latest Combustion Technology – ECO Control

Lambda sensor with fuel quality detection
It doesn't matter which fuel type is stored – soft, dry or damp woodchips – the control unit uses the lambda sensor to detect the relevant calorific value and regulates the optimum fuelair mixture. This is how convenient controls work today – constant manual adjustment of the system to the fuel is a thing of the past.
As well as being environmentally friendly with ultra low energy consumption, the all new ECO HK has the ability to occasionally burn logs making it the most versatile boiler available today.

Combustion Ergonomics
The design of the combustion chamber has been scientifically investigated through CFD  - Simulation (Computational Fluid Dynamics) and as a result is perfectly adapted.

Firebed Monitoring
Through the exact and contact free firebed-height monitoring system with sensors, the most effective combustion condition dependant on fuel quality is detected. Your heating system is always working with the required heat output at optimum combustion values.

Fully refractory-lined high performance combustion chamber with flame concentration jets for optimum post-combustion

The refractory combustion chamber guarantees high combustion temperatures through optimum heat storage (also at part-load), which minimizes the ignition procedure and reduces emissions.

Integrated Back End Protection

An integrated back end protection with energy-efficient pump and motor mixer is available.
-          -Quick and easy assembly
-          -Compact and inexpensive

Recirculation for Agricultural Fuels

To reduce clinker creation in the ash, Hargassner offers a flue gas recirculation, especially for agricultural fuels. Due to the cooling of the firebed during combustion, the relatively low ash melting point of miscanthus or corn cobs can be undercut. The ash can easily be removed into the ash extraction auger.

Latest Touch-Control
(Integrated, Plug & Play)

The all new Lambda-Touch-Tronic leaves nothing to be desired. The control system is characterised through its exceptional design and simple handling. Navigation is very sophisticated. You visually recognise immediately the current status of the boiler, the accumulator and the HWS as well as all heating circuits. New optimized accumulator control with 3 sensors. New remote controls with LCD or Touch Displays make it even easier to use.

Perfect Cleaning – Increased Efficiency

The newly designed cleaning approach cleans ALL heat exchanger tubes at regular intervals – NEW – also the 1. Down-Drought is cleaned (Stainless Steel Turbulators) the turbulators remove the fly ash from the pipes, which directly falls down into the ash extraction auger. The result is easier cleaning and increased overall efficiency.

Fully Automatic Ash Extraction

Hargassner heating technology now brings you even more convenience: The latest de-ash system cleans the boiler at regular intervals. The ash extraction auger transports the fly ash, as well as the grate ash, into the completely integrated ash box. During the transport the ash is crushed and compressed in the ash box.

The all new ash suction system results in annual maintenance intervals

Optionally a 300 Litre Bin is available.
The suction system transports the ash through a steel pipe system from the boiler room into the ash bin, which is located at a roofed outdoor area. With a tractor or a front loader, the ash bin may be emptied once a year. Hargassner provides best ease of use – with superior and smart cleaning technology.

Fuel-Dependant heat output in kW
Eco 20
Eco 30
Eco 35
Eco 40
Eco 49
Eco 60
490kg (630kg)
400VAC, 50Hz, 13A
Dimensions HxWxD[mm]
Numbers in () are for 40-60Kw Boilers

Tuesday, 20 May 2014

Nursing home group goes Green

Spa Nursing Homes Limited converting four care homes to wood pellet fuel in 2014

Spa Nursing Homes selected Green Energy Technology Ltd., (GET) to convert their care homes from heating oil to wood pellet fuel. The first home has been completed, with GET installing an award winning Hargassner wood pellet boiler in a turn-key plant room at The Spa Nursing Home in county Down.

This 'GET Heat Module' is constructed off site, to minimise disruption at the nursing home. Once it is delivered to site, it can be connected to the building and provide heat within 2 days. During this time there is no interruption to the existing heating performance.

In addition to the nursing home in The Spa, GET will be converting homes in Crumlin, Carryduff and Ballynahinch from heating oil to wood pellets.

Externally the GET Heat Module is finished to a high standard, and is linked to a wood pellet silo. Any external pipework is insulated and protected.

The main driver for the installation of these systems at Spa Nursing Homes Limited is the Northern Ireland Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI). The RHI pays the owners of wood pellet boilers for every unit of heat the boiler generates, this is an incentive for switching from fossil fuels. Although there are no grants to assist with the capital costs, the quarterly incentive payments mean that these projects have a payback of 4 years or less.

Damien Phillips, Project Manager at GET, stated: 'The four nursing home conversions represent a large investment by the group, however, there is a relatively short payback due to the RHI. Looking at the longer term, using Hargassner boilers means we have a high-tech solution requiring minimal involvement by nursing home staff, and GET has the ability to monitor each boiler remotely.'

The Hargassner wood pellet boiler is integrated with a complete plant room package.

The RHI scheme lasts for 20 years, and payments are index linked. In addition to the financial benefits of switching to wood pellets, it also means the nursing homes will reduce their environmental impact and help support local jobs. All pellets will be sourced from the island of Ireland.

Chris Arnold, from Spa Nursing Homes Ltd., commented; 'Overall the experience of moving away from heating oil has been relatively straightforward. Once we examined the financials and the overall benefits, it was an easy decision to make. We wanted a quality installation, Hargassner and GET met our requirements. GET took care of everything, right through to claiming the RHI payments. We are looking forward to working with GET on the rest of our properties.'

Damien Phillips continued; 'With a twenty year government incentive it is important that a quality product is used. Hargassner boilers are design to last. They are tried and tested, and if properly maintained they will last well over 30 years'.

Green Energy Technology Ltd. are based in Waringstown, between Banbridge and Lurgan, and have a showroom open to the public with working models of all technologies. Their previous biomass heating projects include Castlewellan Castle, Moy Park Poultry farm, as well as factories, offices and accomodation.

For enquiries contact Damien on 02838881228 or damien(at)