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Wednesday, 29 October 2014

Hargassner ECO-HK 60kW Boiler Install in Lisburn - Wood Chip Drying Facility

First in Ireland

A new Hargassner wood chip boiler installed to heat a farm house, outbuildings and wood chip drying facility in Lisburn, Northern Ireland. 

Installers Green Energy Technology were very impressed with the design and specifications of the ECO-HK. 

The boiler won the Austrian Energie Genie Innovation Award as a high quality product that is capable of providing cleaner, more efficient heat, than competitor boilers.

This is the first Hargassner ECO-HK in Ireland and Northern Ireland.

 The Hargassner ECO-HK is an extremely powerful, highly efficient boiler featuring a new energy saving eco-mode, a double rotary grate and the latest combustion technology, Eco-Control.

(ft.Above, The new Boiler fitted and working)

  1. New grate system - Double rotary grate
  2. Fire bed level monitoring
  3. Heat exchanger cleaning (also in 1. draught)
  4. Ash suction system for extended maintenance intervals, optionally
  5. New innovative ignition system: Just 300 W, without fan
  6. Integrated Touch control
  7. Bicameral rotary valve in Z-design
  8. EC-Exhaust fan with negative pressure monitoring
  9. Recirculation for agricultural fuels, optionally
  10. Integrated back end protection
  11. ECO - Room agitator system with just 0.18 kW (0.25 kW) motor
  12. Patented ash extraction system for fly- and grate ash
  13. No thermal discharge system necessary
  14. Emergency operation with wood logs possible
  15. Combustion chamber fully integrated in water
  16. Flame concentration jets for optimum post-combustion
Other Features

Energy-Saving: Speed controlled EC-exhaust fan with negative pressure monitoring a staple of the new ECO systems is that they force the entire system to consistently monitor what's going inside and outside of the boiler, to ensure that the perfect conditions are met, which means that they are highly efficient, indeed, coming with a significantly higher efficiency rate of up to 90%. Due to the systems programming it will always try and maintain this high standard and you can expect it to do so for as long as it is running.

Double Rotary Grate: The grate consists of two consecutive and stepped placed grates that are able to move independently depending on what exactly you'll be putting into the boiler to burn, be it wood pellets, wood chips or miscanthus. 

Lambda Sensor with Fuel Quality Detection: With this feature it doesn't matter what type of fuel is stored nor their state, for instance if you placed wood chips into the boiler that were damp and hard the lambda sensor will be able to detect that and regulate itself for maximum calorific value and the optimum fuel-air mixture. This will be done automatically without any need for manual input. 

Combustion-Ergonomics: The design of the combustion chamber has been scientifically investigated through simulation (computational fluid dynamics) and as a result is perfectly adapted.

Firebed Monitoring: Through the exact and contactless firebed-height monitoring system with sensors, the most effective combustion condition will be adjusted depending on what fuel quality is being detected, this means that the system will automatically ensure that it is working with the correct amount of heat output for optimum combustion values.


Integrated Back End Protection: Fast and easy assembly that is both compact and inexpensive to ensure that if anything does ever go wrong, you're protected and it will also limit the damage. 

Recirculation for Agricultural Fuels: In order to remove the clinker creation within the system, that might adversely affect your auger and delivery system, Hargassner offers this accessory. Due to the cooling of the firebed during combustion, the relatively low melting ash melting point of miscanthus can be undercut. The ash can easily be removed into the ash extraction auger.

The Smart Way

Lean back and enjoy!:
Hargassner’s Lambda Touch Tronic is characterized through a self-explanatory display and ultimate ease of operation.The whole heating system, starting with the combustion to the accumulator tanks, heating circuits and hot water tanks, is controlled. The system operates based on outside weather conditions and is therefore able to perform in the optimum heating output range. This saves energy and heating fuel!
(ft. Above, the new on screen eco-control smart technology)

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