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Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Wood Pellet Stoves - by MCZ

Wood Pellet Stoves
A cleaner, more efficient alternative

2012 has been a busy year for Green Energy Technology, and one of our most popular installs was Wood Pellet Stoves. We install wood pellet stoves that heat individual or open plan rooms, stoves that can heat multiple rooms using air ducting or wood pellet stoves with back boiler that heat entire houses using radiaotr or underfloor heating. 

Wood pellet stoves a very versatile appliance.

All stoves have Automatic ignition, thermostatic controls and heat modulation.

See below for a sample of our stoves installed across Northern Ireland in 2012.

An insert wood pellet stove with back boiler. Vivo 80 Hydro from MCZ.
This stove provides 14kW to the heating hot water, and 2.7kW to the room.

Features :
  • Fully automated operation, with timer and temperature controls
  • Attractive stainless steel or ceramic panels
  • Output to suit all room sizes
  • Internal hoppers for long running between fuel top-ups
  • Visible flame and hot air feed to the room via an internal fan
  • Ducting to heat other rooms up to 8 metres away

An Ego Air 8kW room heating stove. Installed in a sun room with vaulted ceiling.
This wood pellet stove allowed the homeowners to use the room all year round.

Kaika 6kW Wood Pellet Stove, installed in a sun room.
Extra vitreous enameled flue allows extra heat generation.

 MCZ Musa Hydro 15kW Wood Pellet Boiler Stove installed in Banbridge, Co Dow
n. Running 10 radiators and a 150 litre hot water tank on only 15kg of pellets a day
MCZ Musa Hydro 22kW wood pellet boiler - heating a large home

MCZ Kaika in a contemporary setting. Minimal internal flue required.

MCZ Toba Comfort Air. Hot air is ducted around the entire building.
A very low energy home, with heat recovery ventilation.

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