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Tuesday, 11 December 2012

GET Heat Module - Renewable Heat Incentive

GET Heat Module

Craigavon firm Green Energy Technology has developed a unique range of mobile boiler rooms, specifically designed to run on wood pellets and wood chip

All equipment inside their GET Heat Module is accredited by the government Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) Scheme, and Green Energy Technology are accredited installers.

The RHI scheme provides financial support to businesses switching from heating oil or gas. The scheme provides support for 20 years. Each wood pellet or wood chip boiler will have a heat meter fitted, and the business owner will be paid based on the heat output and size of boiler.

John Martin, Damien Phillips and Patrick Flynn

16 tonne wood pellet store with auger
At the moment, these quarterly government payments represent a guaranteed 12-14% return on investment.

Damien Phillips, Commercial Manager at Green Energy Technology, commented;
“A combination of huge rises in fossil fuel prices, the security of wood pellet supply, and the Renewable Heat Incentive, has meant we have never been busier. Renewable heating systems now represent a very attractive option for businesses and community groups. Paybacks on these systems can be as low as 5 years. The GET heat module allows a business to switch to renewable heating with the minimum of fuss”

The latest GET Heat Module built by Green Energy Technology houses a 200kW wood pellet boiler, 16 tonne wood pellet store, 3000 litre hot water storage tank, alongside all the controls and pumps needed to run the boiler. This module will be heating a large office complex and call centre. The business installing the module will be able to cancel their fossil fuel bill, switch to cheaper wood pellets, and benefit from quarterly RHI payments.

200kW Hargassner Wood Pellet Boiler
The GET Heat Modules are entirely built at the Green Energy Technology complex outside Craigavon. This has allowed the company to employ local labour, and use local suppliers. Off site construction is quicker and minimises disruption to businesses, schools, care homes and community buildings. Once constructed and transported, the module simply needs to be plumbed in and wired up. Renewable heat is available within one day, instead of the weeks it can take to put an equivalent system together on-site.

The modules can house boilers from 15 to 200kW, and multiple modules can be fitted together for larger requirements. The smallest module takes up no more than a single car parking space.

Green Energy Technology Limited are based in Waringstown, Craigavon where they have a complex with showroom, conference suite, offices and working models of renewable technology. Company Directors, Patrick Flynn and John Martin, have been involved in renewable energy from 2002. The company installs;

-          Biomass heating systems
-          Wind turbines
-          Solar hot water systems
-          Solar electricity panels
-          Air source heat pumps

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