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Tuesday, 10 August 2010

Austrian-manufactured Miscanthus Boilers From Green Energy Technology Limited

Austrian-manufactured Miscanthus Boilers

From Green Energy Technology Limited

Founded in Austria in 1984, Hargassner has successfully installed 34,000 boilers across Europe. Production capacity is over 8,000 per annum. Hargassner boilers have extremely high levels of efficiency all year round due to their exceptional cleaning system. Hargassner wood chip and pellet boilers offer unparalleled levels of efficiency and automation, features that have helped make them one of the leading names in Europe.

Hargassner offer a 3 year warranty on their system as standard, and is one of the few companies that include Miscanthus as a fuel under their warranty. The boilers have been independently tested at over 93% efficiency, at both full and part loads. According to the calorific value of the fuel, the control unit of the boiler regulates the stoker auger’s feed rate.

Key features of the Hargassner Miscanthus boiler package:

• 25‐150 kW capacity in single unit, or linked in modular form

• Highly effective standard builds

• Hot water boilers for integration with standard heating systems

• Fully automated operation

• User‐friendly interface

• Refractory lined combustion chamber

• Automatic de-ashing for regular grate cleaning

• Lambda combustion control

Hargassner boilers can use;

· Miscanthus briquettes up to 70mm with 20% moisture

· Miscanthus pellets up to 6.5mm with 10% moisture

· Loose chipped Miscanthus with up to 30% moisture

The Agro Fire is a multifunctional 25kW boiler which can handle Miscanthus, grain, straw, wood chips or pellets using only a single multifunctional boiler

Hargassner offers Miscanthus boilers up to 150kW thus by linking boilers in modular form you can achieve outputs up to 300kW


Loose Miscanthus chips should adhere to the P45 standard, and be leaf free. For best results chips should be less than 50mm in length. Chips longer than 50mm can lead to bridging in the combustion chamber, thus reducing output.

Depending on the quality of fuel a cleaning of the combustion chamber can be necessary in intervals from 10-30 days.

When using briquettes the hardness needs to be such that the extraction system can break the pieces.

Miscanthus Pilot Demonstration Programme (Ireland only)

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