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Friday, 19 September 2014

Hargassner Boiler Technology

Latest Combustion Technology – ECO Control

Lambda sensor with fuel quality detection
It doesn't matter which fuel type is stored – soft, dry or damp woodchips – the control unit uses the lambda sensor to detect the relevant calorific value and regulates the optimum fuelair mixture. This is how convenient controls work today – constant manual adjustment of the system to the fuel is a thing of the past.
As well as being environmentally friendly with ultra low energy consumption, the all new ECO HK has the ability to occasionally burn logs making it the most versatile boiler available today.

Combustion Ergonomics
The design of the combustion chamber has been scientifically investigated through CFD  - Simulation (Computational Fluid Dynamics) and as a result is perfectly adapted.

Firebed Monitoring
Through the exact and contact free firebed-height monitoring system with sensors, the most effective combustion condition dependant on fuel quality is detected. Your heating system is always working with the required heat output at optimum combustion values.

Fully refractory-lined high performance combustion chamber with flame concentration jets for optimum post-combustion

The refractory combustion chamber guarantees high combustion temperatures through optimum heat storage (also at part-load), which minimizes the ignition procedure and reduces emissions.

Integrated Back End Protection

An integrated back end protection with energy-efficient pump and motor mixer is available.
-          -Quick and easy assembly
-          -Compact and inexpensive

Recirculation for Agricultural Fuels

To reduce clinker creation in the ash, Hargassner offers a flue gas recirculation, especially for agricultural fuels. Due to the cooling of the firebed during combustion, the relatively low ash melting point of miscanthus or corn cobs can be undercut. The ash can easily be removed into the ash extraction auger.

Latest Touch-Control
(Integrated, Plug & Play)

The all new Lambda-Touch-Tronic leaves nothing to be desired. The control system is characterised through its exceptional design and simple handling. Navigation is very sophisticated. You visually recognise immediately the current status of the boiler, the accumulator and the HWS as well as all heating circuits. New optimized accumulator control with 3 sensors. New remote controls with LCD or Touch Displays make it even easier to use.

Perfect Cleaning – Increased Efficiency

The newly designed cleaning approach cleans ALL heat exchanger tubes at regular intervals – NEW – also the 1. Down-Drought is cleaned (Stainless Steel Turbulators) the turbulators remove the fly ash from the pipes, which directly falls down into the ash extraction auger. The result is easier cleaning and increased overall efficiency.

Fully Automatic Ash Extraction

Hargassner heating technology now brings you even more convenience: The latest de-ash system cleans the boiler at regular intervals. The ash extraction auger transports the fly ash, as well as the grate ash, into the completely integrated ash box. During the transport the ash is crushed and compressed in the ash box.

The all new ash suction system results in annual maintenance intervals

Optionally a 300 Litre Bin is available.
The suction system transports the ash through a steel pipe system from the boiler room into the ash bin, which is located at a roofed outdoor area. With a tractor or a front loader, the ash bin may be emptied once a year. Hargassner provides best ease of use – with superior and smart cleaning technology.

Fuel-Dependant heat output in kW
Eco 20
Eco 30
Eco 35
Eco 40
Eco 49
Eco 60
490kg (630kg)
400VAC, 50Hz, 13A
Dimensions HxWxD[mm]
Numbers in () are for 40-60Kw Boilers

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