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Monday, 12 March 2012

First Zero Carbon Home uses Green Energy Technology

Green Energy Technology Ltd has recently completed a whole house renewable energy package in Northern Ireland's first, government accredited, Zero Carbon Home.

Zero carbon home in County Armagh

The Green Future home

The home, built by Green Future Ltd., qualifies under the Low Carbon Homes Scheme - it is the first Zero Carbon home within this scheme, and qualifies for 5 years relief from council rates; estimated saving of over £10,000.

Zero Carbon construction

Green Energy Technology Ltd (G.E.T.), in conjunction with Energy Control Ireland, carried out a full energy assessment of the home, at planning stage, from the architects drawings and specifications. They looked at all the proposed materials, their features, quality and standards. 

Green Future Ltd were completely focused on the Zero Carbon standard as they appreciated that there will be no other alternative to building in the near future. By 2016 all new builds will have to meet this specification.

The G.E.T. comprehensive Energy Advice Report detailed everything that Green Future Ltd needed to do to acheive Zero Carbon standard, with the most important elements being air tightness and the whole house renewable energy package. This Energy Advice Report is specific to each individual home, as the Zero Carbon fabric and renewable energy requirements differ from home to home.

Achieving Zero Carbon standard

This Zero Carbon home needed to have heat and hot water provided by renewable energy sources, and it also needed to produce its own electricity.
G.E.T. designed a whole house package of renewable energy equipment - each complimenting each other, that minimsed the running costs of the home and its carbon output. 
South facing roof with Green Energy Technology Solar Hot Water tubes and Solar Electricity Panels

Green Energy Technology Ltd. supplied and installed;

- A solar hot water system and compatible hot press cylinder
Providing over 60% of the annual hot water requirements

- A solar electricity system
Providing both free electricity AND an income to the homeowner

- A wood pellet boiler and pellets
Cheap renewable heat on demand. Wood pellet boiler manufactured in Ireland by Grant Engineering. This boiler is 97% efficient, fully automatic and self cleaning

Grant Spira wood pellet boiler in the Zero Carbon home

As MCS accredited installers, using MCS accredited equipment, Green Energy Technology Ltd. were able to install these systems to UK government standards and to allow the homeowner to benefit from the maximum manufacturers warranty (up to 25 years).

With the attention to detail that Green Future Ltd. showed during construction, and the materials they used, they were able to achieve an extremely high level of airtightness. They also installed a Mechanical Ventilation Heat Recovery System (installed by Atlantic Air Testing Ltd.) which recycles over 80% of the heat from stale air, and maintains healthy air throughout this air tight home.

The house is situated outside Armagh City, and although it is well ahead of time in terms of energy requirements, it is conventionally designed and sits well into its surroundings. Green Future were keen to ensure that quirky and futuristic features were not a part of this development - the home has been designed to be affordable to build and to run. The company will be operating the home as a 'show house' throughout 2012, it is the template for future new builds and has a wide variety of applications, including; one-off dwellings, entire developments, social housing and residential homes.

This house ticks all the Zero Carbon boxes, and all the money saving boxes.

The Green Future of Zero Carbon Homes

Green Future and Green Energy Technology have achieved what many 'experts' said wasn't yet possible; Green Future built a real Zero Carbon home at an affordable price - this is not a 'concept' home. Green Energy Technology complimented this design by integrating a renewables package that is proven to perform.

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