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Wednesday, 3 October 2012

£2,500 grant with BURNiT Pelleburn

Pellet burning boiler BURNiT PelleBurn 

now available at Green Energy Technology

This boiler currently qualifies for a Northern Ireland Renewable Heat Premium Payment ( NIRHPP ) grant of £2,500.

Available to view in our showroom, open to the public Monday to Friday. 

Green Energy Technology designs, installs and commissions all our MCS accredited biomass boilers. We also provide annual service and maintenance.

Pellet burning boiler - BURNiT PelleBurn

Fuel hopper included
Efficiency rate reaching 94%
Available sizes: 12-15 kW, 23-28 kW and 40 kW

Product Features:
  • Fully automated operation, hi-tech design
  • Two fans assist the combustion process
  • Automatic self-cleaning mechanism
  • Fuel hopper with alternative mounting on the left or right side of the boiler
  • Convenient door
  • Ash tray, large enough for soot and ash
  • Exhaust gas sensor
  • CPU controller with LED display for precise handling of the combustion

 Safety devices:
  • The CPU controller alerts in case of abnormal temperature rise
  • STB thermostat reacts to increased operating temperature and shuts down the fan

1. Boiler casing
2. High efficiency thermal insulation
3. Flue
4. Flue gas extraction fan
5. Fume exhaust tube
6. Automatic cleaning system
7. Mantle
8. Combustion chamber
9. Ash-and-soot container
10. Burner casing
11. Pellet burner
12. Burner flange
13. Control unit

1. Pellet-load hatch with support
2. Side panels
3. Auger mounting side-panel opening
4. Pellet-guide plates
5. Auger holder
6. Pellet-colecting bottom
7. Foundation
8. Guide plate gasket

1. Pellet burner Pell 25;
2. Flexible connection;
3. Electric motor;
4. Automatic pellet-feeding auger;
5. Feeder chute;
6. Internal auger of burner;
7. Combustion chamber housing;
8. Combustion chamber;
9. Automatic cleaning system;

Тechnical specifications:
tech data Pelle Burn EN


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