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Thursday, 9 October 2014

99kW Hargassner ECO-PK

Introducing the new 99kW Hargassner ECO-PK

New to the UK and Ireland in November 2014

Designed with efficiency and ease of use in mind, the 99kW Hargassner ECO-PK includes the latest biomass boiler technology available - the Hargassner ECO range of boilers won the 'Energy Genius' award from the Austrian Ministry of the Environment. Platzhalter-Grafik

If you are installing a 99kW in Northern Ireland, to avail of the government Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI), make sure you install a system that will last. The 20 year RHI is linked to the boiler itself - protect your payments and install a Hargassner.

Available across Ireland from Green Energy Technology Ltd. this cutting edge wood pellet boiler (and its wood chip version ECO-HK) has a substantial amount of unique, patented features. We estimate that these features, over the lifetime of the Renewable Heat Incentive, could save the owner over £4,000 in electrical running costs alone - compared to Hargassner competitors.

Schnittbild ECO PK

Double Rotary Grate (1)
The 'stage crusher grate' is the best method for cleaning the burning grate without disruption to combustion. During the combustion the grates are moved accurately, to ensure a homogeneous fire-bed. This double rotary grate is unique to Hargassner.

Firebed height monitoring system with sensors    (2)
Combined with a lambda sensor for fuel quality detection, resulting in the lowest carbon monoxide values, and lowest dust emissions. Hargassner boilers are UK Clean Air Act Exempt. Only Hargassner offer firebed level monitoring as standard.

Heat exchanger cleaning in the first pass   (3)
The Hargassner cleaning system cleans all areas where soot and fly ash can built up - even in the first pass (unlike the majority of competitor boilers). This mechanism creates a more efficient heat exchanger as the boiler is cleaner, and the gas flow is slower.

External soot collection   (4)
Option to add a large soot collector and increase emptying intervals

The silent energy saving ignition (5) only requires 300W, unlike other boiler ignitions which require over 1.3kW. 

Integrated touch controller    (6)
The 5.7” screen with touch controller allows the user to easily see the boiler status, and change settings. 

The EC exhaust gas fan (7) has up to 90% efficiency and is only available from Hargassner. Read more about the EC fan here: EC Exhaust Gas Fan

Flue gas re-circulation as standard    (8)
This helps control combustion temperatures and reduce NOx formation. It reduces the temperature of the grate to help prevent the formation of slag, and give a more even distribution of the fires heat. A cleaner and more complete combustion.

Integrated back-end protection   (9)
The pump, mixing valve and actuator needed to protect the boiler now comes integrated. This compact solution reduces the space required and speeds up installation time.

Patented ash and fly ash removal system   (10)
The ash extracting auger transports the fly ash and also the grate ash into the ash box. On the way to the ash box all the ash is compacted to a quarter of its volume - thereby saving space and lengthening emptying intervals.

No thermal safety valve required  (11) 
Speeding up installation time and cost

Combustion chamber surrounded by water  (12)
Maximum heat transfer and boiler control

Flame concentration jets out of high-end steel cast section   (13)

Double rotary valve dispenser (18) with cyclone suction system (14)
The unique double rotary valve allows continuous combustion even during pellet suction. The double valve provides a complete air lock between the combustion chamber and pellet hopper. The sound proofed suction system (15) with pellet level indicator (16) allows the end-user to place their wood pellet store up to 20 metres away. The suction system is closed and maintenance free (no filters).

Stainless steel stoker auger   (17)

One motor for everything
Boiler cleaning, fly ash transport, grate ash removal and ash transport to ash box is all handled by one drive motor. This is a single maintenance-free gear motor. This not only reduces the number of electrical components and increases operating reliability; it also saves on electrical consumption.

Hargassner App
Hargassner is the only manufacturer in this boiler class to have a dedicated and fully functioning iPhone and Android app to allow remote access. Other manufacturers produce apps that simply direct the user to a website. 

·         Switch circuits on/off and reduce temperature
·         Change heating times
·         Activate holiday mode
·         Status updates via notifications or email
·         Unlimited users
·         Worldwide access to heating system
·         Easy and intuitive

Fully refractory-lined combustion chamber
Hargassner boilers are fully refractory lined with high density bricks. Refractory has proven itself as the best material available in terms of heat storage, function and durability. The result is, even at partial loads, optimal combustion and fewer ignitions.

Negative pressure sensor to monitor under/over pressure events
Boilers without negative pressure monitoring cannot detect blockages in the heat exchanger. In addition, exhaust gas and combustion air fans do not speed up nor slow down in relation to the pressure inside the boiler - making other boilers less efficient. 

Standard warranty of 5 years, option to extend up to 10 years

Hargassner Video:

For futher information contact : Green Energy Technology Ltd